Dandruff Treatment

Are persistent flakes and an itchy scalp causing you discomfort and embarrassment? At New Look Clinic, we understand that dandruff can be a frustrating and confidence-diminishing issue. Our Non-Surgical Dandruff Treatment offers a comprehensive solution to effectively address this common scalp condition.

Dandruff is a condition characterized by the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp, often accompanied by itching and flaking. Our Non-Surgical Dandruff Treatment is a cutting-edge procedure designed to combat dandruff without the need for invasive surgery. It focuses on the root causes of dandruff, such as fungal overgrowth and excess oil production, to provide long-lasting relief.

Procedure Process

Our expert dermatologists and trichologists begin the treatment with a thorough assessment of your scalp's condition. They will analyze the type and severity of dandruff you're experiencing. The treatment typically involves a multi-step process: Cleansing: We start by gently cleansing your scalp to remove excess oil, debris, and dead skin cells. This step creates a clean canvas for further treatment. Exfoliation: A specialized exfoliation process is performed to remove stubborn flakes and improve scalp circulation. This step encourages healthier skin cell turnover. Anti-Fungal Therapy: If fungal overgrowth is identified as a contributing factor, our experts will apply targeted anti-fungal treatments to inhibit the growth of dandruff-causing fungi. Hydration and Nourishment: We replenish your scalp with essential nutrients and moisture to maintain a balanced and healthy environment. Customized Maintenance: Our team will develop a personalized at-home care plan, including recommended shampoos and products, to help you maintain dandruff-free and healthy hair and scalp.


Effective Relief: Our Non-Surgical Dandruff Treatment effectively targets the root causes of dandruff, providing long-lasting relief from itching and flaking. Improved Scalp Health: By addressing fungal overgrowth and excess oil production, this treatment promotes a healthier scalp environment. Enhanced Confidence: Say goodbye to embarrassing flakes and discomfort, and regain your confidence with a clean and dandruff-free scalp. Personalized Care: Our experts tailor the treatment to your specific needs, ensuring a customized approach for optimal results. Preventive Measures: We equip you with the knowledge and tools to prevent dandruff from returning, helping you maintain a beautiful and healthy scalp.

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Experience the difference at New Look Clinic, where our Non-Surgical Dandruff Treatment transforms your scalp and elevates your overall hair and skincare routine. Say goodbye to dandruff-related woes and hello to a confident, flake-free you.

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